Leave me alone!!!!


I had my daughter 9months ago. Wasn't a fan of pregnancy, and always said/felt that I am one and done. Never had a desire, need, want etc for anymore than one child. Now i was hoping for a boy....but when i had my daughter I knew God gave me her for a reason! I am so happy and content with having my little bff❤️

I am so tired of people yapping at me about having another kid. Between family randoms etc. You go have a damn kid lol Im sooooooo good. I had a csection (recovering wasnt easy due to extra meds in the hospital) Not cutting my body open again going through that, not going through pregnancy again sorry not sorry. Besides the fact of everything i just said main thing is I just always wanted one.

Its starting to get to the point where im being super nasty to whoever says "you have to have another" hahaha oh well....I dont have to do anything it is my body! (vent mode)