Help? Am I addicted to sex?


I never thought I would be asking this. For one I'm demi/grey-sexual so experience sexual attraction to people rarely. Secondly throughout my life I have not been a big masturbater, nor have I been big into porn and don't watch it that often. My libido on these side of things is just nearly non existent.

Fast forward to now. I'm in a wonderful relationship with a wonderful guy. I lost my virginity to him and I was happy about it. We have been going out for eight months so maybe it is still 'novel' to me. But I have issues.

Firstly I feel like I ALWAYS want sex. I will never masturbate because it's just not as satisfying as being with my partner. I want sex so much I think it scares him. Then when he turns me down because he's tired or something I take it personally like as if I've been rejected and get really depressed about it until we next have sex (would like to mention I have a mental health disorder too which probably contributes towards this).

Then when we actually have sex, he will say stuff that I realise he doesn't mean. Like he will say he will fuck me whenever and wherever he wants, which turns me on. But then he never does it because he was just fantasising in the moment. Me on the other hand said the same and meant it but in the end I can't go through with it because I realise he thought I didn't really mean it either and was just saying it in the moment.

This miscommunication isn't really a big deal. More that concerns me is that I just feel like I want him to be fucking me 24/7 if I had my way, and sex would feature a whole lot more in our lives. I learned I love trying new things and being kinky and stuff and am into BDSM. He's not vanilla, his libido is just more normal I guess.

So I haven't a clue what to make of all this. All I can seem to think about sometimes is sex. Yesterday we were having sex for like a whole hour, then an hour later again all I wanted to do was undress him and have sex again. Is this crazy???