Elena Maria Bond 8/16/17

Kaitlyn • 2under2! That mommy life((:

My little love was born today on her due date! I had an incredibly long journey getting to postpartum. Prodromal labor for about a month, so every time I had contractions, I thought, "okay!!! This is it!!" And after hours of 2min apart 1min long painful contractions, they stop. Over and over.

So finally a couple of days ago my mucus plug fell out, which to me was an obvious sign that finally all of this pain wasn't for nothing & I had been dilating. I was getting excited. So around 11pm last night, my love and I decide to be intimate for probably the last time for awhile and were disappointed when contractions didn't start.

But then HOLY SHIT. At 5am, waking up from painful contractions, to 6am I had to call the midwife because my contractions were HORRIBLE. Every 2min. I had only ever felt them this horrible when I was in labor with my son. So I knew this was it. By 6:30, 30 minutes after my initial phone call I had my husband call back and make them come over. Since I had false labors beforehand they took an entire HOUR to show up. My midwife literally walked into the door while I was about to start pushing!!! I thought my husband was going to have to deliver lol

I really wanted a birthing pool but there wasn't time for anything. Which I think contributed to the pain factor. I went from 3cm dilated to 10cm in an hour without drugs. HOLY HELL I'm so glad it's over.

My sweet daughter was born en-caul! (Her water bag never broke and was delivered in it fully intact) and everything was perfectly healthy😍😍😍😍 it was actually easier to push her out with the bag because it was so smooth.

Shout out to my husband who got our one year old up and out of bed and taken care of & sent to his aunt in the middle of my screaming like a banshee, and taking care of me and our new little one without hesitation throughout the end of this crazy journey.