Has anyone else gone through a miscarriage at around 5 weeks or so? 😰 I just found out a few minutes ago my levels dropped and this isn't a viable pregnancy😰


I started spotting brown yesterday and then today It turned red. They had me come in today to do another beta and my levels dropped from two days ago to 410 now😰 I would have been 5 weeks pregnant. I got pregnant on my first round of letrozole and ovidrel shot and was so excited 😰 how soon after your miscarriage were you able to start trying again? And how long after did it take you to get pregnant again? I feel so numb I can't stop crying 😰 she said there's nothing I could have done and it was probably a chromosome abnormality but i don't know what that even means? I'm scheduled to come in Monday to do my hcg one more time to see what happens and if it goes up or keeps going down and she said we'll go from there. And she said usually it would be about two weeks for this to be over and then my specialist could either let me do my second round of letrozole and ovidrel without a period or have me do it with a period. I'm so lost 😰😰 I don't understand why this happens to me 😰 me and my husband are both 23 years old and tried for 15 months before seeing this specialist and then found out I don't ovulate on my own. Which is why I was put in letrozole and ovidrel 😰