TMI..Very graphic...Update on my last post.

Michelle ā€¢ Michelle.D

so I confronted my husband about what bothers me... Here's how it went...(text thread below)

also below is a picture of my friends cousin,her boyfriend is on drugs and did that to her and left her for my friend to clean up and take to hospital.

[08/17, 6:21 PM] Michelle: You know Baron I am comprising so much of my life to show you how much I love you...from friends,to family,to my beliefs,to what I'd like to do with my life...

Yet you live as and how you want.

I may not cook everyday,but regardless, I'm the one that cleans up faithfully,after every meal...

The same man that said he wants a wife not a maid,telling me I'm lazy...

I don't think you really know what you want.

Your friends Baron,are no are married,they are not,there is a difference...You as my husband should have my back when they are being disrespectful,in actual fact, to you,by taking pictures of what is yours.Saying I'm are you friends with such.if I had friends that thought that of you,I'd cut them out of my life without a doubt.And I have,Naomi, because of her husband...I didn't have to,but I did...

I'm done compromising my happiness to keep my relationship with you at peace,especially when you cannot do the same for me.

Lastly,If not for my family,you wouldnt even know me,I would not exist.

They may have done wrong,but we cannot live in it forever.

I let go of the incident with your mom without an apology and honestly regardless of what had happened I love your mom.

You don't have to have anything to do with them,fine,but that's not how I want to live my life.

[08/17, 6:22 PM] Hubby: No one asked u to compromise anything

[08/17, 6:22 PM] Michelle: Then really What relationship is this if we don't respect one another

[08/17, 6:24 PM] Hubby: Ur obviously not happy. And it's got nothing to do with me. Instead of putting blame and looking for excuses just do what u want

[08/17, 6:24 PM] Michelle: Not looking for excuses

I'm telling you how I feel...

[08/17, 6:27 PM] Hubby: Make up your mind and stick with it because I'm sick of ur emotional rollercoaster

[08/17, 6:27 PM] Hubby: You have never done a thing beyond ur own will. Every decision has been ur own. Take responsibility for your feelings and do what u want....

[08/17, 6:27 PM] Michelle: There wouldn't be a roller-coaster if u had been honest about who and how u are from the start.

[08/17, 6:28 PM] Hubby: Michelle, you think each time u change ur mind u can blame a person. I'm done talking to u

[08/17, 6:28 PM] Michelle: If you even cared Baron this is not how you would be dealing with what I've said to you

[08/17, 6:28 PM] Hubby: Take responsibility for ur feelings and stop playing the blame game

[08/17, 6:29 PM] Hubby: You wanted to escape swaziland

[08/17, 6:29 PM] Michelle: No,not blaming you

Yes it's my fault for accepting things you do that I don't like...and I'm done with it Baron.

You do what you want anyway

[08/17, 6:29 PM] Hubby: U wanted to escape it family

[08/17, 6:30 PM] Hubby: U were tired of sitting around doing nothing and I told u I can't offer u anything more. I told u that u gonna have to work hard for urself

[08/17, 6:30 PM] Hubby: And now u playing those cards against me

[08/17, 6:30 PM] Michelle: Yes I did,because I wanted to make us work

[08/17, 6:30 PM] Hubby: Michelle, we've been through this 4 times

[08/17, 6:31 PM] Hubby: Do what u want as u always do

[08/17, 6:31 PM] Michelle: And you know that my business isn't working here because of the corrupt people that take people's money and disappear

[08/17, 6:32 PM] Michelle: So I have nothing I can do

[08/17, 6:32 PM] Michelle: But sit

[08/17, 6:32 PM] Hubby: That's ur choice

[08/17, 6:32 PM] Hubby: If u have no drive to succeed don't blame me

[08/17, 6:33 PM] Hubby: I have always motivated u, even when u make excuses

[08/17, 6:33 PM] Michelle: Did I blame you?

[08/17, 6:33 PM] Hubby: I can't do it job for u

[08/17, 6:33 PM] Hubby: Read up on it sacrifices and u will see blame

[08/17, 6:33 PM] Hubby: #Ur

[08/17, 6:33 PM] Michelle: Yes because I wanted to get a job and you said it's better to have my own business

[08/17, 6:34 PM] Hubby: Just make up it mind. I'm back tomorrow. You will tell me where ur leaning and I'm help u take sail

[08/17, 6:34 PM] Hubby: #Ur

[08/17, 6:34 PM] Michelle: The job is the least of the worrys

My point is you don't compromise when I tell you how I feel

[08/17, 6:35 PM] Hubby: That's limited by your perspective currently Michelle

[08/17, 6:35 PM] Hubby: What you are saying now is untrue and irrelevent

[08/17, 6:35 PM] Michelle: How is it untrue

[08/17, 6:35 PM] Michelle: Tell me

[08/17, 6:36 PM] Hubby: I listen when you talk the truth...but right now it just insinuating to substantiate a decision you have already made. I speak from experience, you forget how many times you have played this game

[08/17, 6:36 PM] Hubby: So please save me the time

[08/17, 6:38 PM] Michelle: When have you?

You back your friends up Baron when I tell you how I feel about them.

You still take that stuff...

Where do you listen

[08/17, 6:38 PM] Michelle: You even still speak of Rasheeda yet you know how I feel

[08/17, 6:40 PM] Hubby: Keep playing this game Michelle

[08/17, 6:40 PM] Michelle: No Baron

[08/17, 6:40 PM] Michelle: Answer me

[08/17, 6:41 PM] Michelle: If me speaking is a game

[08/17, 6:42 PM] Hubby: Anything to appear righteous neh....well done

[08/17, 6:42 PM] Hubby: I'm not the person that runs back to my ex everyone you take off

[08/17, 6:43 PM] Hubby: Very often peoples insecurity stems from their own thoughts

[08/17, 6:43 PM] Michelle: Yes you please

[08/17, 6:43 PM] Hubby: Lol. Now u say Sade

[08/17, 6:43 PM] Michelle: No you have been with Sade Baron

[08/17, 6:44 PM] Michelle: And you like talking about Rasheeda or her daughter

[08/17, 6:44 PM] Hubby: Please just leave me alone. As I said, I'm back tomorrow. You will tell me what direction u leaning this time and we will help u get there šŸ˜‰

[08/17, 6:44 PM] Michelle: No you are my husband

[08/17, 6:45 PM] Michelle: And I am trying to speak to you

[08/17, 6:45 PM] Michelle: Stop trying to blow it off

[08/17, 6:45 PM] Hubby: Right, when u accuse me of all those things

[08/17, 6:45 PM] Michelle: I'm not accusing they are all facts

[08/17, 6:45 PM] Hubby: That's not talking. That is defamation of character

[08/17, 6:45 PM] Michelle: And things I've spoken to you about

[08/17, 6:46 PM] Hubby: No one asked you to do anything

[08/17, 6:46 PM] Hubby: Don't throw in my face what you did at your own free will

[08/17, 6:46 PM] Michelle: You do the same to me

[08/17, 6:47 PM] Michelle: When you want to count the things you have done for me

[08/17, 6:48 PM] Hubby: I just arrived from a 5 hour drive and this is what I have to deal with, please just do whatever u want. You don't need this crap to get ur parents to feel sorry for u after everything you have done to them

[08/17, 6:49 PM] Michelle: Yes it is...because this you didn't leave in a very nice manner either...

[08/17, 6:50 PM] Hubby: Right. When my wife looks at me like I'm a piece of crap and calls says I'm lazy

[08/17, 6:50 PM] Michelle: You the one that said I'm lazy

[08/17, 6:50 PM] Hubby: Leave me alone

[08/17, 6:50 PM] Michelle: No

[08/17, 6:52 PM] Hubby: This is the same reason I left quietly

[08/17, 6:52 PM] Michelle: Quietly?

[08/17, 6:53 PM] Hubby: Quit making excuses and playing blame games.... do what u want !!!

[08/17, 6:54 PM] Michelle: Not playing games or blaming

If telling you how I feel and what still bothers me is a game then OK Baron...why should I bother with when you have a problem with things I do or don't do...

[08/17, 6:55 PM] Hubby: Once again. Keep making it about me, keep putting words in my mouth and keep comparing yourself to others....thats ur choice and u don't have to inflict it on me

[08/17, 6:56 PM] Hubby: No one can stand in your way...

[08/17, 6:56 PM] Hubby: And no one ever will

[08/17, 6:57 PM] Hubby: So own your actions šŸ˜‰

[08/17, 8:04 PM] Michelle: You right Baron...

[08/17, 8:05 PM] Michelle: I don't think we are any good for one another

[08/17, 11:15 PM] Michelle: ...You honestly don't care...

What do you ladies think