McKenzie • Expecting TWINS, married 2 years, faith in God, heart stolen by my sweet 4 yr. Old daughter Samantha, Baby A is a BOY💙 and Baby B is a GIRL❤

Okay so today me my SIL, MIL, best friend, and cousin went out and ate my cousin Karyssa has a little girl and she's been very hard headed lately my MIL makes a comment about her actions Karyssa was very offended by the situation then my MIL Sarah-Beth said she hopes and prays that me and Shores will hold grips on our children and won't embarrass her and James(FIL)and have to admit that made me very mad I had never been so furious with her. I feel like disciplining my children is my job since I'm the one carrying them no one is gonna tell me how to raise my kids maybe I don't want to spank my children there are better way to handle bad situations why do you guys think?

-McKenzie 😘🌟xx