Post Miscarriage/CP


It has been just over four weeks since I experienced a Chemical Pregnancy (early miscarriage) after getting pregnant for the first time from my first <a href="">IVF</a> cycle. The bleeding from the CP lasted about 3-4 days and I only had mild cramping. A few days after, I had to go for another blood draw and they confirmed that my hcg level was negative. I know everyone is different but I'm here today looking for advice or experienced that other people have had in the weeks following a CP. So many things are weird now. I've had a huge increase in CM.... all kinds! I even wake up periodically feeling nauseous still. I think I even felt ovulation pains for the first time ever. Has anyone else experienced these things? I'm on CD29 or 30 now and I'm anxiously awaiting my period so I can start my FET cycle.