Lazy lazy SO

I'm at my wits end. I love my so to pieces but he is so damn lazy! We both work full time and he comes home at 5pm and will sleep then I have to beg him to come out with me to take the dog for his walk, I ask him to help me with the cleaning and he doesn't, he doesn't do any washing of his or his sons clothes so now I'm back on nights itsjust piling up and up. Today we went to a theme park and my friend came along so if we all wanted to go on rides there was someone with his son and he expected my friend to keep his son all day and then said "thats why she came along" no it was to help us and take turns! Then tonight his son won't sleep, we have neighbours above and below and everytime we tried to put him to bed he got up screaming and shouting which is weird for him so I took him into the lounge; got the quilt and put on a movie and my OH fell asleep once again (he does this every time we have him) how can I give him a wake up call :(