In my feelings

Ayana β€’ My rainbow baby 🌈 Xavier 9-16-18 πŸ’™

My SO and I purchased a dildo to try something new, its thick and 8 inches. My SO is almost as thick and one inch smaller. Every time we use it he never fails that mention that 'he's amazed how much I can take' of course the whole 8 inches. But today he went in for a couple of minutes pulled out and got soft so I knew he was thinking something was wrong, I asked him and he said nothing. Well we finish and 30 minutes later he ask, 'you don't feel a difference? You must because I do' or he will say he isn't good enough or he can't make my cum like I do with the toy.

It hurts my feelings but I love everything about him our sex is meaningful and it's another way we connect. But now I'm starting to feel like my private isn't good enough anymore or he's gonna step out on me because my canal is deep or I'm loose. And I can't find the right words to tell him, it's definitely going to effect how I feel about our sex.