Just here to vent..


Okay so I got hit by a car a year ago and I had ankle surgery on my left ankle..till this day, I favor putting my weight on my right leg so I have lower back problems from straining my lower right side of my back.

Today, at about 5pm, my boyfriend asked me to go pick him up some lemon and chamoy.. so I went to the nearest Mexican market.

I walked up and down the isles looking for chamoy and I FINALLY saw an employee to ask where the chamoy was and he responded "Oh..chamoy? That's right over here, follow me." I followed him into an isle and to my surprise, my whole leg slid forward in a puddle of water that left me to do a complete back bend to catch my body.

Mind you.. I am 31 weeks pregnant.

My adrenaline pushed me right back up.. I don't even know if he saw me slip but I told him... I just slipped in this puddle of water. I didn't move from where I was standing and asked for a manager and left in an ambulance.

Now I'm laying here in bed with a pulsing back ache like a muscle will pinch with any type of movement.

There's a lot more to this story but I just needed to vent.

I had a loooong day.