I've given up sex with my husband

After 5 yrs together at 23.... I give up. I'm going to accept the fact that my husband just doesn't want to have sex with me.

Yes - I have talked with him. Yes - I've come home earlier than him and dressed up, did my hair, makeup, etc. and was super sexy. Yes - He's still crazy in love with me and there's no cheating or porn addiction involved. No erectile dysfunction, no premature ejaculation, no stage fright. No job stress, nothing mentally holding him back. Nothing.

Just over the course of a year, little by little, our sex life had gone from amazing to a chore. From 2-3 times a day, hot sex to once a month for 5 min if I'm lucky. Every time we DO have it, I've been the one to initiate it. And I never get an orgasm anymore. Every. Single. Time. It feels empty. It's just not there.

So, I give up. I'm going to not bring it up, not initiate anything, let it run it's course. It fucking sucks. But I love him so much more than sex. And if he just isn't about it anymore, then I just deal with it I guess.

Sex was great while I knew it...