Mine were different than most


My very first symptoms were different than most. I found out I was pregnant at 10dpo (according to Glow, I didn't take any OPK tests) and I had a very dark positive line! (The pink test was the first one I took). I wasn't feeling nauseous, I didn't have sore boobs, and I wasn't necessarily peeing more than usual. The only 2 symptoms I had before I tested were increased saliva (I would literally be talking and drool on myself) and shortness of breath! I had literally never heard of shortness of breath being a symptom, but sure enough it is. I was just feeling like I was needing to take bigger, deeper breaths more often. Sort of like I was having a hard time catching my breath. According to the internet I'm 4 weeks pregnant tomorrow! I go to the dr tomorrow to have labs taken. So excited!!