i want to ramzi your ultrasounds!!


ladies im bored and familiar with the ramzi theory. post your ultrasound and ill tell you if i think its going to be a boy or girl ❤🙊🙉🙈😍 i dont get my first ultrasound until next week ill be almost 10 weeks. i do have my transvaginal ultrasound fron 6 weeks 6 days from my last pregnancy exactly a year ago so ill post. people thought girl and was correct. ******UPDATE***** just so everyone knows ramzi theory is a theory where the location of the placenta will help tell the gender. if ultrasound is transvaginal the image is true to itself if its abdominal the image is mirrored so everything is actually flipped. left top and left bottom is boy right top and right bottom is girl. im guessing where your placenta is because the whitish color around amniotic fluid is said ti be where the placenta is. so im giving my best guesses as some its hard to see where the placenta could be. ramzi theory is said to be 97% correct however dont rely on my guess, as i could get the location of placenta wrong. if anyone wants more info on this feel free to look it up online they have their own website anyways im having fun doing this 😍👋👋👌👌