Kinda worried

So I recently had a faint positive pregnancy test and I mean really faint. I went to the doctors and even the urine test they took which was just a day or two later was faint. But I never got a faint line ever. (I have a 7yr old, been trying so hard to give her a sibling 💕) so they recommended a blood test. I took it and it came back positive. I know this is a place to post for uncertainties. But I felt this place helped me a lot when I thought I had line eyes. So now I'm seeing another doctor and I did a hgc test on Friday to see how far along I am, it came back at 157.0 they said I'm just a week or so. My missed period was August 15th. And my last one was July 12th. I kinda felt overwhelmed at my visit today and I couldn't really get out when am I due or how far am I? (My last visit they said I was 5 weeks before they did a blood test) So I came home and I still can't figure out when or how far along I am. I've used glow to track my ovulation and baby dusted all over. Can anyone help me figure out how far I am? Or is it a bad sign to be on the low end of the hgc hormone test. I took another hgc blood test today to see if my numbers increased but I have to wait until 2pm tomorrow. I'm nervous 😩 I want it to stick so badly. I've tried for about a year and never got a positive test, not even faint before. Sorry if this is the wrong spot to put these questions but I feel anxious like how early am I? Any advise would be appreciated greatly. Even anywhere else I could post this to get some.

Heres a picture of my pregnant test

August 12th:

Blood work was done Aug 14