Getting fucked by another guy


My boyfriend and I were laying in bed the other day and he turns to me and says before I get yelled just think about it. Clearly I was very curious as to what was about to come out of his mouth. I can't remember exactly how he said it but point is that he would like it if I could consider getting fucked by another man. Me being my Latin self asked him immediately if he was saying this because he wanted to fuck another girl, he said absolutely not. I had many questions, who? Where? Does he know him? Why? When? His response was, well I guess that's not a no, to which I said well not really, I need to know these things before I can decide. He said it wouldn't happen until later in our relationship (then joked about it and said "you know babe, like next week") and obviously I'd have to agree to it and he would be there. Have any of you done this? I've never cheated on anyone and I can't help but think I'd feel guilty.