39 weeks 1 day... Labor??


I'm freaking out. I'm scheduled for my C Section on the 30th (high risk pregnancy and previous Csection 10 years ago) and for the last 2 nights I've had prodromal labor. But my contractions haven't been any closer than 30 min apart and started yest after I think I lost a good chunk of my mucus plug (looked like a little clear jellyfish about the size of a dime.) I have a headache, killer lower back ache and I'm nauseous like you wouldn't believe. Not to mention the constant urge to go #2. All night last night and I couldn't. I woke up this morning and my body has been just flushing it all out (tmi but its pretty much water.) Has any one experienced this? Is it early labor like everyone is suggesting? I'm FREAKING out. We're an hour away from a hospital so I'm trying to prepare myself.