How to get over your BD😭

Me & my ex we barely talk anymore, we didn't talk all day yesterday or today because I think we both have too much pride. We have been in a bumpy on & off relationship and I'll be giving birth to our only child in 3 months. We still talk, just not as much. When we do talk he tells me he loves me & still thinks about me all the time and that he misses me and the baby. But we aren't in a relationship and I think it's best that we aren't because of how toxic it is. After not talking all day yesterday except one time he texted me at like 3am and said he "hopes I haven't been with guys😔.." , and all day today I accidentally caved in and asked him what he's doing tomorrow night because I'd like to see him and I hate myself for doing that. I've been doing so good at not trying to talk to him, please keep in mind this is a fresh breakup and so my feelings are still very fresh, so it isn't exactly super easy to just move on and forget about him, especially when we share a child now that will be joining us very soon. I don't want to block him because i want a relationship between him and our daughter, if he reaches out about her I would like to know. But how can I make things easier for me and not feel so tempted to text him, or reply to him if it's not about the baby.? 😔 I love him a lot! But honestly it's best that we go our separate ways, it's just hard to not let me feelings take control. I don't really have friends to keep me busy, or to talk to about anything. So I'm asking you ladies for advice!! What is the best way to try to move forward from this relationship & not to fall back into it?! I literally feel so weak minded and it makes me sick to my stomach that as soon as he messages me I'm a reply away in like a second. I don't want him thinking I'm always going to be here, and that he can just take advantage. I need to be a lot stronger but idk how😞😞