Puppps Week 35

Anyone else familiar with the PUPPPs pregnancy rash? First it started as itching on my belly stretch marks, day 2 spread to my legs, day 3 spread to my belly and arms. Now on day 4 my back is covered too. The itching is insane, over the weekend I tried everything from Benadryl, Aveeno body wash and oatmeal baths, Zyrtec, coconut oil with Eucalyptus & Tea Tree essential oils, Grandpa Pine Tar Soap, Sarna Lotion, Vaseline, the list goes on and on! After seeing my doctor today he added a steroid cream with the antihistamine medication and said to stop everything else only use water based lotion Eucerin Brand. This rash is horrible and even with the steroid itches every 2 hours feels like my skin is crawling! Any tips from other ladies? I've heard this may not go away until baby is born due 9/29!