Here we go again


I am 7 weeks pregnant with my 2nd baby. Last pregnancy my SO and i fought non stop, it was a truly horrible time for me and I remember feeling so helpless and sad and just wanting to get out. He rarely helped me with anything around the house and had no concern for my wellbeing, blaming my hormones for all our arguments. But we were living in a city with no close family or friends so I had no options really. We somehow got through it and things did get a bit better after our daughter was born. Now I am pregnant again I can just see it getting really bad again. He is currently off work after having an operation so not making any income, and i am working. Already he is getting so mad at me when I ask him to help with things, cook dinner etc when I get home from work. Our daughter is at daycare so he has literally no responsibilities atm & just plays playstation all day & night. I feel so tired and nauseous when I get home from work but he doesnt care. I also need to go away overnight for work sometimes and he gets so angry about it, he's completely unsupportive about my work and doesnt think my job is important. I feel like I just want him to leave but I know he would not go without a fight and make it very difficult for me. He portrays me as this bossy psycho but I just have no patience left with him.