It took so much not to cuss out my ob


So at my ob office they have been alternating so I don't see the ob who has been seeing me in the earlier and mid stages. Since Thursday I have been itching all over my body non stop and it's getting worse btw. Saturday I called my ob office and I went into trios to get blood work done. I go into my appointment today which was literally only like 10 mins. She asked about my itching and if it's better I told her no it's gotten extremely worse. She's checks and says "oh it's just pups" and basically brushes it off. My blood work back won't be back until a few days. She also measured my stomach and told me I was measuring 2 weeks behind remind you she measured me so fast it's like she was rushing the whole process. I told her how concerned I was and she brushed it off and said we can do an ultrasound next week and left the room. I guess u can say I didn't really have a chance to cuss her out. I just find it rude. I'm at home vivid now trying to get myself together scratching my whole body just frustrated. I'm so over my pregnancy Due sept 21 now telling me I'm 2 weeks behind. I don't think so I cannot wait for my next appt next week so I can give her a piece of my mind.