Feeling completely broken.


A little back story my husband and I have 3 beautiful healthy children all normal easy pregnancys. We decided we wanted to try for our 4th and final child, we found out in January of 2017 we were pregnant and by our first sono in February there was no baby or yolk sac just a growing gestational sac, the following day we were taking in for a D&C.; After trying to conceive for 6 months we found out of Aug 7th that we were expecting again. We went in for a sono on the 24th I should have been 7 weeks and the sac and yolk sac was only measuring 5 weeks I was told it's normal and my following sono we would see the baby. September 2nd I went to the hospital for spotting they did a sono and we saw our beautiful baby and a strong heart beat, on the 4th I returned to the hospital because of some weird clots another sono revealed our baby's heart had just stopped I ended up having the baby that same night. I feel like my body is broken I had 3 easy wonderful pregnancys and now 2 miscarriages in a row. I'm so scared to try again. Dr says it's just a fluke because of our other healthy baby's. Just so confused.