I'm scared


I'm scared. I've posted about this before but it's another month of me getting my period after almost 3 years of TTC #1 and I just feel like I need support from you ladies

😔 I'm scared because I have regular period, hormones seem to be fine, husband's fine (did his check up).. but I've never been pregnant at all 😭 I've tried being on both ends of the TTC spectrum - being super relaxed and being so meticulous on tracking etc. Neither has gotten me pregnant. Husband doesn't want to do IUIs, much less <a href="https://glowing.com/glow-fertility-program">IVF</a>. Says that it's "unnatural". I feel so alone... I feel like I'm meant to be a mother.. just want to feel pregnant for once in my life.. Dear God, please help me..😔💔