Clearblue Digital Adv. OPK--Moving from 1 Kit to Another?

Callie • 👶🎀 8.18.18. 👶🎀 3.16.20.

This is my first cycle using the Clearblue Digital Advanced OPKS. The kit had 10 tests. The first 6 days I tested, I got low fertility. Then the last 4 days, I had a blinking smiley, indicating high (but not peak) fertility. Yesterday, I ran out of tests, so I bought another kit (still Clearblue Digital Advanced). This morning, when I tested with the new kit, I was expecting to see another blinking smiley, or even a solid smiley, but instead I was back to low fertility... Now in the instructions for these tests, it said something about how you should start testing a few days before you expect to O, in order for the test to determine the baselines for your hormones... In opening a new kit, would it have to do this all over again (hence the shift back from high to low fertility)? Should I have used the new tests with the reader I had been using? Or am I really just SOL this round? :/