no EDD?


today i had another ultrasound actually 2. one to measure baby and one to check on my insides. ive been cramping since day 1 and having pains in my shoulders my upper tummy and losing alot of hair :/ last wkd i was hospitalized for gallstones after telling my doctor 3 wks ago i think i have gallstones and him not doing any tests or taking me seriously and dismissed me. That pissed me off alone then to be told by another doctor last wkd who did tests said it is in fact gallstones!! anyway i still havent been told a due date yet but from my last missed period i think its march 18. exactly as measured on my 1st ultrasound. today she said im measuring 12w5d but then asked when my lmp was i told her and she changed the date on the scan to 12w 2d. just curious why?? also any guesses on the sex?