C 💕

I just wanted to share some of the cute gender reveals I've seen cause i know people are always looking for ideas. I'll share some pictures & if I remember any that I don't have a picture for ill just add it in at the bottom. Hope this helps some! (I might also do a separate thread for some of the holiday themed reveals I've seen! 😊 Enjoy!

Also, I usually have a lot of free time at night so if anyone wants help finding something specific (more sport related ones, something more personal to both parents, etc) go ahead and comment and I'd be more than happy to help find/think of ideas! 😊😊

Some others I've seen;

-Piñata filled with pink/blue candies & "gifts".

-Cake, cupcakes, cookies with the middle as the gender color

-The hand paint on stomach part of a white shirt

-Colored silly string sprayed at the parents

-Smaller child wearing a shirt saying "I'm having a little..."

-An outift if the appropriate gender in a bag & opened

-Pie with middle a certain color smashed on someone's face (I haven't actually seen this one done but I feel like it would be a lot of fun if you can actually get the middle of the pie the right color! 😂 Maybe strawberry for girl & blueberry for boy? Or something along those lines)

-A scavenger hunt that leads to the writing of what the baby is (looks like a lot of fun but also A LOT of work 😂)