Alzheimer's and Pregnancy.

So my Fiancés Grandfather has Alzheimer's and he can't speak many words , let alone recognize who certain People Are . But one day we were shaving him and as soon as we finished he just started Staring at me and I said " what" and he replied so fast with You . I was shocked but I just figured he was Hearing or remembering Words (first time I've ever heard him say You to anyone even his Grandson). Then as we finished changing him and things my fiancé says "Hey pop you gonna be around when my little Boy gets here? ... And his grandfather shook his head and said No .....So today we were downstairs watching his westerns and I got up and walked past him and he Reached out for me (first time he reached for me ever!) and I said "what" He said "You" ... so I said "Me???" And then he said "No Me ".... and pointed to himself . So I was freaked out a little, my Grandmother use to say that Old People and Babies Can see things that we can't . So I started questioning if something is wrong with me . Or if death is near for me , the Baby , or his Grandfather. I found this website for Alzheimer's patients and Read a story , after I looked up to him staring at me and glancing to the side of me and then glancing back at me like someone was sitting next to me who wasn't there . So I asked him "What " Again And he went to reach for me Then stopped and looked next to me like someone told him

Not to reach for me . It freaked me out . My Question is in the story the lady basically said her mother said there were people that only came around when she was around and that they were spirits that she was seeing before she was going to pass. Is it Possible there are spirits By Me or is my fiances grandfather going to pass soon ? Either way I'm freaked out .;=2147510653

The first comment is the story I'm referring to.