(Sorry) I have (Another) CBDA OPK Question!

Callie • 👶🎀 8.18.18. 👶🎀 3.16.20.

Some of you may have noticed a few other posts I've recently made in this group regarding the Clearblue Digital Advanced OPKS. This is my first cycle using them and now I have another question--this time about the blinking smileys! I started testing CD 11. I got low fertility readings until CD 17, when I got my first blinking smiley. I'm now on CD 21, with my 5th day of blinking smileys... I read that after 9 days of blinking smileys, that if you still don't get a solid one, you can quit testing that cycle. I guess my question is: what is the greatest number of days in a row that you've had blinking smileys with CBDA and still gone on to get a solid?