HCG not doubling but still rising?!

Cindy • 25 years old, 7 yrs in a relationship, mommy of two angel babies😇👶🏻👶🏻 & Pregnant with our rainbow babygirl ❣️🌈

Okay ladies I need some sort of reassurance here. So on august 29 I went in for a beta test and then again on the 31 for the last test I just got my results today because of the long weekend. So my doctor said that the first time it was 18 & now it's 29. She said it's pretty low. She didn't mention anything about a miscarriage or any worry. She asked me for my LMP and well I told her that I had what I thought was my period on august 11th but it was different. Lasted 4 days like my normal period but was waaayy more brown as old blood and some pink spots. She said it could be still be really early and that's why the beta numbers were low but not to worry. But she seemed confused cause she couldn't tell me how far along I would be. My last regular period was July 11th. So the only thing she suggested was to wait for the day that I'm supposed to get my period this month which would be either 9th or 11th(according to two different apps) . I've been reading online and I've read stories about girls having slow rising HCG and turned out to have a normal pregnancy. Any of you ladies encountered something similar with a wonderful outcome.? I'm trying not to stress or think negative or even get my hopes up. I'm just putting my faith in God. Baby dust to all you ladies ❣️👶🏻✨