don't know what to do

here is the problem. I weigh 257 pounds and have been married for 3 years but together with my husband for 7. we decided to have a baby. the problem is for years now my husband has been obsessed with me loosing weight. not encouraging me but I mean full on fighting with me for the last few years. I have tried to loose weight and diet. but the more I do the more he fights with me which then I stress eat. it's gotten to the point that everyday he asked what exercise I've done. everytime I go to eat or drink something he takes it from me to read the label. he says he wants me to loose so I can be healthy. I get that I agree 100 % . but to full on fight and scream at me about it ? I find myself being depressed and hating even being home with him because I know all it will be is fighting over it. any advice on what to do ? I do love him and don't want leave him. but I'm so depressed and very sick of the constant fighting and walking on eggshells. help ?