Yeast infection help! (Long post)

So throughout my pregnancy, yeast infections have been my only downfall. I haven't had too much morning sickness or pain or anything. But these yeast infections are brutal... I'm a little over 25 weeks with my baby girl and they seem closer together now more than ever... What have you ladies done for your yeast infections?I called my normal doctors office on Friday first but they said I had to call my OB doctors office. (My normal doctors office doesn't have an OB department due to lack of funding, so my OB doctor is located about 45 minutes away) So I called my OB doctor next and all of the OB doctors were out on lunch break and I left a voicemail telling them what was wrong and told them to call me back. I got a call back on Friday but of course I was in the middle of work so I couldn't answer! Im just worried that Im going to have to make an appointment JUST so they can look at it, tell me I DO in fact have a yeast infection and give me the medication. (Minor detail.... My ob doctors office is about 45 minutes away. So driving there and making an appointment AND waiting for the day of my appointment would be a huge pain just for something I see as still pretty minor.) I was hoping they could call me in a prescription for a cream or something but since they had to call me back, Im betting I have to make an appointment. It's just frustrating because I KNOW I have a yeast infection but there is virtually nothing I can do about it unless if I make an appointment... Im also skeptical about creams that you have to insert vaginally because I feel like that's a risk factor no one can rule out as far as the chemicals and junk in the cream and the baby. So long story short, I was just wondering if there was this fantastic remedy that someone out there knows about that can just be bought at the store that you guys know is safe? Or would bring some relief? I do have a doctors appointment tomorrow but it's just an ultrasound scan to ensure my placenta is doing a better job at moving away from my cervix.(Another reason why Im skeptical of vaginally inserted creams😬) I planned to at least mention it, but my one on one visit with my ob doctor isn't until next Monday! Hoping to get some relief before then. Thanks in advance!