The grass is greener where you water it.....

Porn, cheating, not be affectionate enough, not giving enough compliments, not opening up.....

Some of these issue probably sound familiar to some of you, and some of them probably leave a big lump in your throat or pain in your stomach to just think about your man doing.

Almost ever story here is full of it!

If you're like me, reading some of it makes you look at your man like you don't even know him. Makes you think,

is he showering or jacking it all the time in there

Is he laughing at something his friend said or is it his side piece

Why isn't he calling me beautiful?

He never talks to me about how he's feeling....maybe he doesn't trust me?

If you're feeling this, have felt it, or are afraid you soon will please just leave a comment on here about your reasons to NOT feel that way. Have a talk with your spouse but don't focus time and energy on issue that may not even be there and that you never would have even thought about if you hadn't read a messed up story.

<a href="">Nurture</a> your relationship! Instead reading something someone says like "my hubby doesn't watch porn" and thinking "awh man well mine does he must not love me that much"

Just because you read something doesn't mean it's true and just because that's not an issue in one relationship doesn't mean they don't lack in another department.

Find what YOU need to fix, and work on that. Relationships are two-way streets. Work together and water your relationship. Don't be envious or wish you had something else because you can change who your with, but do you really want to?

Because if you don't, you gotta work on what you've got and accept any flaws that come along with it.