Hopefully I'll be able to give my husband this at the end of the week! (;


So I've had such good vibes all month long about this being our month finally, although I'm still sticking to my guns and waiting to test until AF is late the 28th.. But it occurred to me last week that if we finally got our positive I still have absolutely no idea how to tell DH the news! so after hours of being on Pinterest I had my cute idea. I ordered this card that will be the initial way I tell him the news, and I'm just so excited because it came in the mail today! I'll post a picture of it below, but besides the card I also order him a shirt that says "boyfriend" with it crossed out, "fiance" with it crossed out, "husband" "and daddy" in big cursive letters below the word husband. and then I also ordered him the book "what to expect when your wife is expanding". I can't wait for the two last items to get here at the end of the week, and to hopefully get our bfp most importantly! 💑💍👰💏🙏😇👪💖

UPDATE 9-26: Gave in and tested early.. So DH WILL be receiving this this week!! My question is though.. should I wait for the other items to come in or just give him the card for right now and then give him the other two presents when they get here Friday?! Don't think I can wait, it was hard not telling him tonight, and he's going to be wondering why I'm acting so strange!