So im 4'10 my husband is 6'4 currently 23 weeks


At this point im a little concerned for my baby when she would be coming out. I mean i know its early to talk about it. But my god from this point forward i could have The baby if my body can handle her. I have a normal pregnancy, my cervix is good and baby is growing accordingly. But being so small and having a baby concerning.

2/3 of my husband and my family combined are tall. I had a cousin blood related ( i know every pregnancy is different) but she had her kids at 29 weeks and she is the same situation as me shes small and her husband is tall. So just something to look at.

Looking at women pregnant at 30 weeks scare the crap out of me because i don't think i can hold all that. Im 23 weeks and my belly is there growing faster. I feel her kicks and shes strong.