In-laws telling me to let the cry it out

I'm against letting newborns cry it out. My MIL stayed with us after my C-section to help us out with the twins and household. as much as it was a blessing it was a pain! At 2 weeks old she told my husband I need to let them cry it out. At 2weeks, my breastfed, newborn twins cried and I'd help them only to be belittled. 99% of the time They needed something, rather it be food, diaper change, sleep or simply a pacifier.

As they got older and was able to sleep through the night we tried letting them cry it out but with twins sharing the same room, it was impossible. They kept each other awake crying all night. I started to help them go to bed (took maybe 5mins a night) and since then they have slept through the night and besides a fuss here and there they've done amazing but my husband is still getting told we need to let them cry it out! THERE IS NO CRYING 😠 sorry but geez! they almost never cry at night. They live over 1,000 miles away and think they know EVERYTHING happening. We didn't take your advice and it worked for us. Our babies are extremely happy, well behaved and amazing sleepers! we know what's best for our familyfamily andand if I don't have questions than I don't need advice. It's very annoying since we are dealing with twins and they don't understands things are different with 2 babies compared to their 1 child.

sorry rant over