Am I going into labor?


Okay so I don’t know what is happening but I just woke up a few hours ago and wasn’t feeling to good I have had bad cramping yesterday the day before and today I got up made some grilled cheese and ate a slice of pizza and not even 30 minutes later I felt like I had to use the bathroom so I went and had trouble going so I got in the shower then these strong cramps hit me so I got out and went to the bathroom again and idk if I’m in early labor and my body is preparing for it but the pain was so bad it ended up making me throw up and diareah at the same time. Sorry for the TMI I’m just trying to find out if any one else had this right before labor. Also my hubby and I had sex yesterday and early this morning and I believe the day before that to he ejaculated inside me all 3 times and I got cramps after that. I didn’t know if that could make me go in to labor and that being the reason for my body hurting so bad and cleaning itself out. But now I’m exausted from the pain I just had in the bathroom and I’m weak. But I’m 33 weeks so Maybe it’s early labor has anyone else has this?