I'm 24w4d and everything I've read says nesting doesn't usually occur until the few weeks before delivery, but I've been obsessive with cleaning and organizing lately and that's not really me. I mean I'm a clean person... but I've never wanted to do the deep cleans of the house. The last few weeks I've been going through all the closets and rooms and organizing and getting rid of a bunch of stuff. Yesterday my husband came home to see me sitting on the floor in our bedroom surrounded by all of the contents of our master bath.... I organized under the sink.. in the cabinet and the entire closet and threw out a bunch of stuff.... The idea of cleaning everything is consuming me 😂.... I already texted my husband this am to let him know when I get home from work I'm starting on his bathroom ( the hall bath).

Is it possible to be nesting this early or have I just officially lost my mind 🤦🏼‍♀️