Low progesterone journey 🤰🏻


Hello all! On Monday, 9/25, I had blood work done at my first prenatal appointment. My results came back Thursday night showing my HCG level at a healthy 23,000 but my progesterone levels were very low at a bit above 6 (6 point something, I don’t remember exactly). On Friday morning my doctor called me to come in for an emergency ultrasound for fear that the pregnancy may be ectopic. My husband was at work but left immediately to try to meet me at the office. I showered as quickly as possible basically shaking and mentally preparing myself for the worst. I quickly sent my husband the address and left for the office. About halfway there I realized I had left my phone, which I NEVER do. I was so flustered trying to make it to the office in one piece and in time that I was in a different world. As soon as I got there I realized my husband wasn’t there and I asked if I could call him using one of the office phones. Four tries later and he finally picked up. He said he was stuck in traffic (he works approximately 40 mins from where the office is) and probably wouldn’t make it for another twenty minutes. I asked the office staff if there was a possibility if we could wait twenty minutes so I wouldn’t be alone for this possibly devastating scan but unfortunately they couldn’t wait. So back I went, alone, thinking how freaking strong single moms are or moms who’s husbands or partners can’t be there for whatever reason that may be. As soon as I get in to see the ultrasound tech I start bawling crying to her and she had no idea what was going on. I told her the doctor is afraid the pregnancy may be ectopic because of my low progesterone level, after apologizing and blurting out “I just wish my fucking husband were here” I went into the back room to change and cake back out. She had me lay down and told me that she was going to try an abdominal ultrasound first and if she couldn’t see anything she would have to do transvaginal. Immediately she saw my baby and showed me the screen. She showed me the heartbeat flicker and then let me listen to the heartbeat. The heartbeat was strong and fast and made my heart swell. It’s a moment I will never forget. I told her I thought I was about 8 weeks and she told me I actually measured at 6 weeks and 5 days. My doctor called with us both in the room to let me know she was pleased we heard and saw the heartbeat but she still wanted to put me on a progesterone supplement. We told our family we were pregnant later that night at a family dinner and everyone was so excited. I have prayed everyday for this baby and I will continue to. My husband and I feel so blessed and today we start our six week journey of progesterone supplements given vaginally each night. This morning I had projectile vomit and I rubbed my belly and told my little bubs I’m not even mad. We’re praying for this munchkin to make it to 13 weeks for our next appointment so we can see him or her again, and then full term. I believe we can make it and I can’t wait to meet our little bean ❤️ Today starts our journey, but it’s a journey that’ll be well worth it in the end. I love you little bubba, mommy and daddy can’t wait to hold you in our arms ❤️

Ultrasound from 9/29 - 6 weeks 5 days

How we told our family - hubs made it

Our progesterone journey ❤️