Should I leave him?

Bianca • ♥️

So, I've been with my man for a year now and there's always been the issue of him not being emotional, and sharing his true feelings. It had gotten better but I'm thinking maybe it's just not enough. I'm a very affectionate, lovey Dover person and he's not and sometimes I annoy him because I want it more than he does. And he does a lot of small stuff that bother me that maybe wouldn't bother other girls, so I'm just thinking we're just 2 different personalities and he deserves someone who can fit with him better than I can. Cuz I constantly get mad at him for things he does and he doesn't really ever think about how I will feel. For example, on Saturday we went to the bar, were in college he's a grad student 22 and I'm a sophomore here 19. So I'm not allowed to get in the bar but I got a fake, and he was super drunk, there was a huge line to get in and he was like "go flirt with one of this guys so we can cut in live" and they all heard and turned around and I was so embarrassed but he went and talked to them and got in line but there were 3 of the rest of us so it would've been obvious if we cut and he kept yelling at me to just come in and I said no cuz people were looking and the bouncer yelled at us so he got out of line, and yelled at me in front of everyone then we found his friends on the other side and he goes with them this time, he said come in line after there were so many people he was cutting and I told him are u serious but I went in line anyway and the bouncer comes and kicks me and my two other friends out of line so I'm just pissed and I leave and he just let me leave, didn't say sorry, didn't offer to get in line with me and so I went home and he just went into the bar and didn't say anything to me all night until he left he bar and called me like 5 times, I didn't answer. That's just like an example of shit he does that he knows will hurt my feelings but he does anyway. I just want a man who will think of me, who's not selfish. Although I love him things like this occur so often. I wanna leave but I love him, I just want a love like jhene explains in new balance I get so sad cuz I think I'm wasting my time and this is his last year at school and whenever he does some stupid shit he always tells me he's gonna

be single forever if we break up because he wants to marry me and have a life and kids with me. He doesn't act like it.