Registries Not Even Used


Has anyone else experienced this? I spent a TON of time making them (and maintaining them, which actually takes a lot of time, since things go in and out of stock, I try to add clearance finds- available for a limited time, etc). I made 3 registries to give people options: Amazon, Target, and Wal-Mart, all linked through to make them easy to find. I figured they would be the easiest and best priced places to buy from. Between 2 baby showers (a small separate one with my mom's family and a main one with everybody else), I had about 25 guests, and only THREE PEOPLE bought items from my registries. 6 items. What!!! I don't mean to sound ungrateful, because I'm thankful for every person who came and every item that was bought, but I was given a lot of stuff, including a ton of clothes, second hand early on in my pregnancy, so there were very specific things that I didn't need and very specific things that I did need. That's why I made the registries, and basically no one used them. So now I have 200 outfits and I'm missing a TON of basic wants/needs (like changing pad to be used as a mattress for the bassinet, bottles/bottle brush, breast milk storage bags, sheets, nursing stuff, any type of baby wash, powder, lotion, safety kit with nail clippers, etc). I'm going to have to end up buying almost everything that we need, and forget about the stuff we want (like a diaper genie, baby pool floatie, pacifier clip, hamper, cheap $25 baby monitor that I found, nursing bras, scarf, pads). Has anyone else experienced this? I'm so disappointed, but I can't even tell anyone (except my husband). !!!!!!!EDIT!!!!!!! There have been a lot of UGLY comments about me/others who agree with me being "mad" or "ungrateful", so I just feel the need to clarify that neither is even close to true! I felt so loved and cared for by every single person who came to my shower. I'm HUGELY grateful for every person who took time out of their schedule to be there at the shower with us, and every hard earned dollar that was spent (and didn't need to be) for our baby. That doesn't mean that I'm not allowed to have feelings and be disappointed that I feel like their money has gone to waste on items we just don't need, when it could have gone to something equally cute/inexpensive that we actually will need. I was not asking for large items. I had about 4-5 items in the $20-40 range, and everything else was under $20 (with most of those items being under $10). So if you're just here to be a negative Nancy... please, just don't.