My Husband Hates It When I Find Out!!

So I'm 8 months pregnant and my husband hardly ever has anything to do with me sexual!! Like just because I'm pregnant I guess he thinks I'm not capable of doing the deed!! I'm totally capable!! I love our time!! But anyway, for the past month or so he's maybe tried anything with me maybe 3 or 4 times!! Which confuses me cause we use to do it like 4 or 5 times a day! Anyway we share a gmail account cause seriously why would a married couple need different accounts I don't have anything to keep secret!! Anyway, I was scrolling through & noticed where he's been looking at porn, watching videos of people having sex and naked girls twerking, and even busted him out on downloading the damn playboy app, he freakin Denys it even though I have proof!! We agreed that he would not watch any of those things because I honestly don't like it and he's got plenty at home to look at and mess with!! I feel as if it has something to do with my weight which I'm 8 months pregnant I'm not gonna be skinny!! So anyway I text him a long text and all he can say is he's sorry for everything he's put me through and that he loves me! But the crazy thing is he always Saids sorry and that he want look at it again and all and I forgive him!! But then a few days later he does it again!! It's like he has an obsession with it!! I'm really on the verge of leaving cause I'm tired of being lied to and I'm out of options on what to do!! Any ideas?!?!?!?! Posted is my messages and his one message!! No hateful comments please!! I know some of y'all don't care that your husband watches porn or etc, but when I married my husband, that meant he ain't suppose to look at nobody else's body but mine!! & he knows that!! We have 3 Girls & pregnant with our precious baby boy! 2 Girls is his step daughters & 1 biologically his! Son is his as well!!