How would u feel


ok ladies lately I have been having problems with my child's father I'm 35 weeks pregnant and he left me to be with someone else and thinks it's a joke well I was in the hospital the last few days due to high blood pressure and swelling so I get a text from him saying he was on his way to his dad's house where am I well I told him I was at the hospital and he said he was gonna stop by well a little while after that I told him I had a bad reaction to the medicine they gave me my pressure got really low and do u know this Asshole told me this would never have happened if I wouldn't have gotten pregnant like really no kind of consideration at all but this is the same Asshole who a couple days ago texted me saying he wants a custody agreement when the baby comes now why would u want a custody agreement for a child u didn't want in the first place I do not contact him at all he always contacts me with bs I'm trying to be stress free these next couple weeks of my pregnancy