Intermittent bleeding on the first month of starting birth control concern


Hey guys, so I started birth control Sept. 25th, and I have never been in it so this is my first time! My last period was from Sept. 7-11th. According to Glow, my next period was supposed to come Oct. 4th but it's still not here. Typically my period is always about 1-3 days early or 1-3 days later (usually late not early) than what Glow tells me. I should be getting it pretty soon if it comes (like today or tomorrow soon). The doctor told me I may experience intermittent bleeding during the first month of taking the pill due to my body adjusting, so I was wondering if I should still expect my regular period for this month due to how close to getting my period I was when I started taking the pill. I'm not sure if my body already got used to the hormones so that's why AF hasn't shown up yet? I would really love to know your guys' opinions!