Finally pregnant!!!!!!!


Had to go to the drs today and I mentioned to her that I was a week late. She had me take a pregnancy test at the office. I was so nervous for her to come back. She came back and said sorry. Your not pregnant. I was out the door and almost in my car kind of heart broken and her assistant came out yelling my name. They had me come in and said I'm so sorry. We were wrong. She showed me the pregnancy test and it had a faint pink line. My dr was crying and shaking and gave me the biggest hug. Then get me next door to do blood work to confirm. This has been the longest day of my life waiting for that phone call. Hoping it comes soon. I'm 6 weeks pregnant! I never thought this day would come. Every dr in the past said it would never happen with my pcos but this dr gave me hope and I can't wait for her to call and tell me the test is positive.