Back around again

Sorry for the long post. Hang in there. I’m needing some sage advice.

I met him when I was 13. It was an instant attraction and best friends. In our later teen years and early 20s it turned into FWB. He was dating a girl on and off over the years. Yep we still had something going on even when we were seeing other people.

Eventually he told me he felt like he “had to” marry her that it was the expected next step even though he did not want to and wasn’t ready for marriage. A few weeks before his wedding he told me how he had felt from the moment we met. He was to deep into the wedding and felt trapped by her and both sides of the family. I walked away that night and didn’t look back. Talk about heart ache.

About a month ago we ran into each other by total accident. We ended up talking for hours like no time had passed, swapping jokes, catching up and enjoying being able to basically just talk to someone who knows you so well.

I asked him about his marriage and he seemed uncomfortable about it. Then he told me he should have married me all along! I was floored. He proceeded to tell me that it was a loveless/sexless marriage. They were two different people and were kids doing what parents had started pressuring and talking about. That he distinctly remembered the night it hit him I was his “person.”

For the past month we’ve been talking again just casually. We both decided and agreed life is to short to not have good friends that know you and you can count on.

I don’t feel bad about talking to him again. He has said the same. We both know it’s bc feelings are there.

What should I do? Go another 7ish years without talking to a man who really is my best friend and knows me like the back of his hand and vice versa? I don’t feel bad that we’re talking again but maybe I should.

If you’ve hung in there thank you.

-Confused BFF