Why do so many people claim to be feminists

But have double standards?

In a post about rings, apparently the fiancé isn't a man or husband material if he doesn't buy you a 2k+ ring. It means he can't support you and that it shows he will never be able to save up for better things. Like wtf?

Pretty sure if anyone spends years saving for a ring rather than a home..they have issues. If you want the most expensive ring in the world then work for it, don't just demand and snap your fingers. Double standard and materialistic.

I also seen a post about how mothers aren't real mothers if they work. The mom should be with her child because that's more important. A child needs their mama and work is a distraction. Then the same women complain and cry that there is little to no females out in X work field.

You can't have both.

Regret isn't rape. Using the word for revenge isn't rape. You should be jailed. It's not up for anyone to make up a story. People agreeing with this are sick, regret is never rape. It's not up to anyone to make up a story just to ruin someone's life or to not have their reputation tarnished.

This is why I'll never call myself a feminist. I'm for equality but many of the so called feminists don't even bat an eye at these issues. "Oh, its preference", no its not...

Rant over.