Friend brought me an early birthday gift

Hello all, so my birthday is right around the corner and so my friend brought me an early birthday gift , it’s a Camera and a stand, a tripod stand! My mom seen it and got so mad , she’s like why do you have that? What do you need it for? I want to make YouTube videos and she knows I’ve always wanted to have my own channel and everything. So basically she keeps asking me all these questions about it , and I’m like it was a gift , she doesn’t care about that obviously because she’s basically telling me to give it back and saying i don’t need it and all of this other stuff. Like she is really ruining my night , it’s not fair , it’s a freaking gift, what is she so angry about it for? It’s not my fault that it’s a gift, but I think I will give my gift back 😩😭 this is really bothering me , how she’s treating me just because of a camera and stand that was a gift to me! Oh yeah and the camera nor stand is expensive at all! Camera is not $200 or$300 nor is the stand , it’s all low cost and very good prices but my mom wants to sit here and bitch about it , someone please help me! What should I do?? Thanks ❤️😩😭 This would of been the best birthday gift ever. PS : My mom is also mad becaUse I didn’t talk to her about me wanting a camera and shit but I’m turning 19 soon so I really don’t see the problem. Just saying .