Would you date someone that treated anorexic and/or obese in a negative way

I’ve been obese my whole life. I recently started losing weight and at the moment I weigh 220 and I’m 5’2”. It seems to me that my weight has been a determining factor for a lot of people. I can’t go 1-2 days without hearing a comment about it. It’s so bad that I can’t even eat in front of people. For example: just 20 minutes ago I was drinking gatorade and two guys walked past me and didn’t stop staring at me and when I finally looked away one of them made a comment saying “she’s enjoying her feast” and they started laughing. It feels like I’m always the butt of some joke. I’ve never dated in my life (I just turned 19) and I don’t think I will, even when I do reach my goal weight. I’ll always be paranoid about my partner. Would the person I’d be dating have been one of those people that had made fun of me when I was fat? Do they do that to other people that have weight issues now? It just seems awful.

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