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Ok so I’m posting in rant because I’m not necessarily looking for advice. I understand how conception works. But what I’m not understanding is how the hell do I not even have the slightest symptom of period or pregnancy.

My bf and I had sex about 3 weeks ago and he came inside me. (We usually use the pull out method). The week after that we had sex again and again he came in me. The next few times we had sex he came in me. 10/16 (my bday) comes along so of course I had birthday sex, again he came in me. Well I was supposed to start 10/16 and nothing.

It’s now 10/20 and my period that usually started exactly on the day predicted (or at least 2 days b4 or after) still has not showed up yet. No cramping no mood swings like literally nothing no signs of pms at all. Which I’m 100% used to having which is why I’m starting to worry.

I’ve taken 4 test now. 2 first response, and 2 of the cheapo dollar store kind all 4 are negative. I know ima have to wait another couple days b4 taking another one. Idk what to do right now though. Im trying not to stress because I know that shit makes it worse. But damn, I’m hoping I get a few more years with my man b4 a child comes.. 😬😬😬

I know I know I’m not taking proper responsibility when it comes to mine and my bf sex life. But it still doesn’t take away any anticipation