Decreased movements, lots of painful BHs and lower back pain at 28weeks 6days


I've noticed that my baby isn't moving as much as he was a few days ago and I've been monitoring his kicks since last night. They picked up a bit this morning but decreased again throughout the day. Along with less kicks, I've been having a few Braxton hicks contractions on and off for hours. While sitting at dinner, I felt my entire stomach tighten like a rock and it happened a least 4 times. I couldn't finish eating. Drank a couple glasses of water and some juice before laying down for a bit. Baby still hasn't moved much but he is moving a bit, no strong kicks as normal but he's moving and the BHs are still coming. This is my 5th baby and I'm super worried. The nearest hospital doesn't have an obstetrics dept and my ob/gyn is located in another state, 2hrs away. My husband who works in that state, has already left for work and I'm here with the kids, hoping that nothing's wrong. I don't wanna be the overreacting pregnant lady, who's always in the hospital but I don't wanna do nothing and something's up 😯😩