What should I do?

I'm facing a real problem at this point in my life. I've just found out I'm pregnant and my boyfriend is furious, i understand shock but this is actual rage which is out of order because we were having sex unprotected.

He has said he loves me less, (later said he didn't mean it) he was going to propose to me next year and has said that he will not do that now, and he refuses to be intimate with me because I chose to keep the baby.

I live with him and his parents, and his family haven't been particularly supportive of my decision. Not only do I feel I shouldn't live here, I also feel our relationship may of fizzled out.

I love him but because of his reaction and the way he has made me feel since finding out, I don't feel like I am IN love with him. I feel awful about it, but am I right to expect more? Love is supposed to be unconditional. This pregnancy was a surprise for the pair of us and rather than being supportive he has emotionally drained me.

I need some advice on wether I should stay or go, wether I should give it time or not bother holding out hope...